About us

ARATI (a ray to rise) is register under Indian trust act in 2012.
It is working with a aim to develop the children with special need by providing therapeutic ,educational ,social and vocational services.

ARATI (a ray to rise) is an institution now continuing its service at N3/65 IRC Village Nayapalli ,Bhubaneswar, Odisha. The institution is working with a aim to rehabilitate and habilitate the pediatric population having congenital or acquired impairment. It provide all the therapies ( occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech and language therapy) inorder to make a child as much as able to enjoy the normal schooling.

As occupational therapy is concern, it deals with the major occupation of a child like, to make him independent in activities of daily living, independent in preschool abilities, play development,social development cognitive development and the abilities to explore the environments.

Physiotherapy in pediatric deals with the physical impairment of a child. It helps the child to achieve all physical milestone and over all motor development.

In speech and language therapy a child learns how to receive,store and retrive an information for better comunication with his/her enviroment…

NORMAL IN A NORMAL EYE is the main aim and objective of the institutation..All child havethe right to enjoy education,his enviroment,his inner world and of himself..All human borns with a gifted power with in.some of them get explore and some cannot..so lets have a promise to bring these stars with more brightness for a brightest nation