Mission & Vision

Mission of the Organization

  • To educate the society for better maternal care for a healthy child.
  • For the early diagnosis and early intervention of high risk infant.
  • Social awareness and parent training to identify the children with special need as early as possible.
  • To provide therapeutic intervention for better functional independence.
  • To provide educational support in a special way for the children having learning disability.
  • To empower family member physically, financially, and psychologically for an effective outcome.
  • To integrate the child in society in an adaptive way.
  • To find and to strengthen the unique quality of a child for global identification.

Conditions We Treat

All children are the representation of all mighty GOD. They are unique having a different bunch of energy If this unique energy can be identified and utilized in a proper way then each person is identified by his/her uniqueness in this beautiful world. Basing on this real truth our vision is to provide a better ray for a higher rise.