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Physiotherapy is an allied health care profession which promotes the health and wellbeing of all. physiotherapists working with children and young people have to cover a wide range of conditions from respiratory, neurological and musculoskeletal in differing environments.

paediatric therapists have the skills to work effectively in partnership with children that includes having the abilities and qualities to listen ,respect and respond to their views, priorities and wishes.

with an indepth knowledge about the development (anatomy,physiology,neurological,psychological) from newborn to adulthood and a skill to assess,identify,clinically diagnose any condition affecting a child a therapist applies a range of interventions using their clinical judgement and experience.

A wide range of paediatric conditions like muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy,myelomeningocele,mental retardation,downs syndrome,juvenile rheumatoid arthritis,etc add to physical disability of a child.therapist attempts to lessen this physical aspect of disability in children with a skilled approach of interventions.

interventions include NDT,strengthening,passive and functional stretching to improve ROM,conductive education,CIMT,weight bearing interventions, aerobic exercises and many more.

along with overall holistic development of a child physiotherapy aims at improving strength,endurance,functional status and disability of an individual in paediatric age group.